About Electro Tech Auto Repair

Peace of mind. You really can’t place a price on it. It comes from knowing that you’re being treated fairly and at Electro Tech Auto Repair, peace of mind is included at no extra charge on every auto repair or auto electric repair job that we perform.

At Electro Tech Auto Repair, we understand that being without the use of your car or truck, even for a short time, can leave you feeling helpless.

How will you manage your daily schedule without transportation?

How do you know your getting the best price?

How can you be sure the quality of the repairs will be what you expect?

What if the repairs take longer than promised?

Auto Repairs, Auto Repair Shop in Monmouth Junction, NJ

When you bring your vehicle to Electro Tech Auto Repair located in Monmouth Junction, New Jersey, you can rest assured that all repairs will be performed to the highest industry standards at the best price available and in the shortest time possible. Sure, any auto repair company can make these claims but at Electro Tech Auto Repair they’re more than mere claims; they’re a commitment we’ve met consistently over the past 20 years and the reason our customers come to us again and again for all their Auto Service and Repair needs.